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Frequently asked questions

Why do calls from the group go to my voicemail when I’m on another call?

It is possible to use the “waiting call” service, meaning that you will hear a signal on your mobile phone when another call is waiting to reach you. The optional service “Redirection when busy” should not be active on your phone.

Remove the “redirection when busy” feature:

Go to your mobile phone’s phone/call/forwarding settings and make your change.

It is also possible to send codes from your mobile phone, follow these steps to remove call forwarding on pick-up:

Telia: Press #, #, 6, 7, #, dialling button.

Tele2/Comviq: Press the phone, #, 6, 7, #, dialling button.

Telenor: Enter the Telenor app and switch off call forwarding when busy.

TRE: Contact TRE customer service for help with settings.

Fello: Contact Fello customer service for help with settings.

Vimla: No support for removing call forwarding.

The code #, 67, #, dialling button is a commonly used basic function by operators. In order to reactivate the call forwarding function on pick-up, please contact the respective provider to use the option that suits you.

Other operators: Contact your provider for instructions on how to disable/enable call forwarding on pick-up.

I've forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it via the ‘Forgot password’ procedure. The link can be found on the login page of the web app and on the login view of the mobile app. Your administrator can also manually send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

What should I do if I’ve changed my password but still can't log in?

If you or someone else has tried to log into your account several times with the wrong password, your account gets locked. Contact your administrator to unlock your account again.

You can also contact the MiniVoice team during regular support hours for help with your account.

I receive text messages when I have a missed call, can that be deactivated?

Some operators send you a text message if you miss a call on your mobile phone. MiniVoice searches for you and others in your team. If you missed a call during a search, the operator will send you a text message informing you about the missed call.

The customer who called remains in the queue and the next person in the response group is notified. This type of service can be deactivated.

Telia: Send a text message to 4466 with the text VMSAV.

Why is a user's referral heard in the switchboard when calling the group?

If a user refers to themselves in the PBX solution without first logging out of the MiniVoice response group, the calls will continue to be connected to the referred phone and the call will be answered by the referral function. As a result, the call will not be forwarded to anyone else in the response group. The caller therefore hears the referral message.

Action: Log out the user from the response group.

Can I get calls to voicemail if I don't answer?

The optional service “call forwarding after a certain time” can be activated, provided that the time is longer than the search/tracking time set in the group. Normally, switching to voicemail can be done after 25 seconds, which is often a standard time for mobile operators.

Why do calls go directly to my voicemail?

There are several reasons for this problem. Check that:

  • Your mobile phone does not have an active call forwarding or referral.
  • The number isn’t listed in your mobile phone as ‘blocked numbers/contacts’.
We have changed our open phone hours; how do we change it in MiniVoice?

The administrator changes the opening hours for the response group in the administrator portal. The associated voice files are also changed there if those exist. Please contact the MiniVoice team for support, changes, and orders of new voice files.

Why don't I get any calls even though I’m logged in?

Try calling from another phone directly to your mobile. If you can’t reach your mobile phone, there is something wrong with your phone or the mobile network.

If you can reach your mobile phone, check in the MiniVoice app in settings/user details that your phone number is correct. If the number is wrong, contact the administrator to change the number.

There are settings in the response group that manage user availability, pauses between calls search options among group members, etc. These factors may be preventing calls from reaching you. Contact your administrator or the MiniVoice team to check these settings.

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