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What is important to you when choosing a call group service for your team? MiniVoice is designed with your needs and interests in mind.

MiniVoice, the mobile call group service, offers the possibility to connect your team’s current phone number to the service. Would you rather have a new national number that handles both voice calls and text messages for the group? Or a phone number in another country? We’ll organize that too, of course.

Team members simply log in and out of the call group via the MiniVoice app or automatically connect according to their schedule to receive calls from the group’s number. Everyone in the group also overviews who is currently logged in via the app.

Text messages to the group from e.g. operational alarms/IoT are collected in the MiniVoice app’s inbox where you can mark the message, so colleagues know that you have taken care of the matter. You can also easily respond with a text message through the MiniVoice app – the group can see and follow the conversations.

Reliability is another factor that we know weighs heavily in our customers’ choices, and MiniVoice has exceptional reliability over time. In addition, the MiniVoice team is available to provide valuable customer support.

Another choice that weighs heavily is that the service is separated from the customer’s regular communication environment.

The MiniVoice platform is developed in Sweden for Pre Greeting AB. All technical operations and data storage are located in Sweden. Data and calls are handled according to current Swedish requirements and rules.


The list of what our customers have connected to MiniVoice is wide-raging. On-call services, contingency, hotlines, support groups, press desks, support groups, and other organizations.

The call groups are found in everything from public crisis organizations, listed companies, insurance companies, retailers, private companies, and national associations, to church activities.


What happens if nobody is logged in?

There are several options. The call can be transferred to another response group, get put in the call queue, be offered callback, leave a message, or receive a message. Members of the answer group can be notified via text message, email, and a notification in the app.

Can an employee be a member of more than one response group?

Yes, the number is essentially unlimited. The employee, or a consultant, can be a member of several response groups within and outside of the company.

Is there a limit on ongoing calls?

Yes, the basic package includes ten simultaneous calls with employees and five queued calls. The number of queues can be decreased by the administrator.

If the basic package is not enough, the capacity for ongoing calls and the number of queues can be increased. Note that the number of members in your MiniVoice is unlimited. With optional extras, up to 2000 ongoing calls can be handled simultaneously.

Can MiniVoice be deployed when needed?

Yes, MiniVoice can be a backup solution in your organization’s business continuity plan. Switching on MiniVoice at the desired time can be done in several ways, for example by using the operator’s re-routing service.

Activation of a so-called avalanche message can be done to, for example, inform about operational disturbances in your organization. With increased capacity, up to 2000 calls can be handled simultaneously. On request, we can also offer customized solutions with significantly higher capacity.

How many people can join the response group?

An unlimited number of people can join the response group, and one or more can be logged in at the same time. Different search order options can be set in the group: longest available, circular, or linear search order. It is also possible to search several people at the same time, where the employee answers the call with a code, to avoid an unauthorized person answering.

Which mobiles are supported?

Any mobile phone with a public phone number. Every call gets through the public telecoms network – not via IP calls in MiniVoice.

I don't want to show my phone number, can it be hidden?

You do not have to show your phone number. The optional feature allows selected employees to call from their mobile phone and show a number other than their own to the recipient. In most cases, the number is the group’s number. External consultants can also use this feature.

Can the group receive text messages?

Yes, it’s possible via the group’s landline number. Everyone in the group sees the message and it can be “pinned” by a member of staff so that the rest of the group can see that it has been dealt with. It’s also possible to reply to text messages and send new ones.

I have a different operator today – can this be solved?

Yes, it’s possible! Contact us and we’ll look into your preconditions to find a solution that will be both secure and cost-effective over time.

Can I create an account online?

No, an account is started after we have carried out a needs analysis together. Once the service is up and running, you as an administrator can manage the service.

Can menu and button selections be added?

Yes, menu and button options can be added and customized according to your wishes. In combination with scheduling, different menu items can be active at different times.

I am interested in the service – who should I talk to?

Call the MiniVoice team on 08-546 899 00 (option 1) and you will be put through to a member of staff who will help you as a new customer.

Can we test MiniVoice free of charge?

If there is a need to test the service within your organization, we can arrange a free test and evaluation period.

How much does MiniVoice cost?

We offer fixed-price packages depending on the feature and call volume. The price starts around the operators’ list price for a mobile business subscription. The contract period is normally 12 months, after which a three-month cancellation period applies.

Get in touch with us for a quote.

Does MiniVoice experience frequent operational disruptions?

Since we offer a technical solution, we cannot say that we never do. A prerequisite for achieving high operational reliability is a modern and well-developed technical platform, redundant infrastructure, and reputable suppliers and partners. But that is not enough. The knowledge of how systems are designed, managed, and operated are crucial factors for high reliability. With long experience and extensive knowledge of transaction-intensive real-time systems for cloud services, a high level of availability is maintained.

Every call gets through to MiniVoice via redundant direct connections from Telia’s network. Calls to response group members also get through primarily via Telia – but via diversion and direct connections to all Swedish mobile networks. This route is also available to group members.

Is callback and voicemail available?

Yes, both callback and voicemail are available as options. People who call you can leave their phone number or a message. You listen to or read it in the MiniVoice app or web app. You get back to them when you have time and can mark the message so that others in the group can see that you are responsible.


MiniVoice makes, and should simply make, the working day easier and more efficient. Want to know more?

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