Support line to get help recovering from eating disorders

Support line

A national association against eating disorders is ready with its support lines for those in need of support and has a separate line for family members. The organization is affiliated with the Swedish Fundraising Control Board. This is a confirmation that the organization and its fundraising are managed responsibly and that the funds go towards the purpose without unreasonable costs.

Calls to the support line are always anonymous and free within Sweden – the cost of the call is paid by the organization. Calls to the support line from another country can also be made, at a cost determined by your own mobile operator.

The staffing of the helpline is scheduled, and calls are answered by experienced volunteers. They answer calls on their regular mobile phones. The opening hours of the support line have been extended over time and are now available every weekday. On certain days and times, support is also offered in English. Outside of the support lines’ regular opening hours, the organization offers other ways of contact – through the nearest local branch or via the web chat.


Volunteers log in and out of the mobile call group themselves after the administrator has registered them in the service. The working method is fully mobile, with the possibility to be active from any location.

A national freephone number, 020/0200, has been connected to the service. The caller usually only pays an initial fee to their operator. The full cost of the call, including any call waiting time, is invoiced by MiniVoice to the organization.

All voice phrases are delivered from the MiniVoice Voice bank. The association has several sets of voice files to meet callers with current phone times. The opening hours are to some extent seasonal, which is managed automatically in the service.


MiniVoice makes, and should simply make, the working day easier and more efficient. Want to know more?

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