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Let us give your company a professional voice in combination with the MiniVoice service. Do you have a different service provider than us? Don’t worry, we also deliver voice files to other services, directly to you.


Choose a voice from our Voice Bank to represent your organization when your customers call. The basic package includes scripts for five normal-length voice phrases in your chosen language – as standard, you can choose English or Swedish. When you want additional voice phrases, these are ordered in packs of five.

When ordering a price package with our MiniVoice services, the recording of your script is also included, unless we agree otherwise. We also offer script editing and translations.

The voice files are delivered to you within five working days. Contact us to get a quote for your script.


Åsa – Swedish and english

Ove – Swedish


Can you record audiobooks?

No, this is not part of our offer.

How long can the script be per voice phrase?

We have not limited it to an exact length, but the idea in our standard model is that the length covers normal phrases for a corporation’s welcome, menu, queue, and closed messages.

What is the file format of the voice files?

We normally deliver voice files in the format wav: 8 kHz, 16-bit mono. Do you need another format? Contact us and we’ll look into it and find a solution.

What happens if we stop being a MiniVoice customer?

The messages in the MiniVoice service belong to us. If you change supplier in the future, you can of course take your recorded messages with you. Contact us for a quote and conditions, and we will help you find a solution that suits your organization.

Are there more voices to choose from in the archive?

On request, we can offer voices other than Ove and Åsa.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the reading of the script?

If your script is misread, we’ll of course re-read it free of charge. Please note that it’s your responsibility to ensure that the script is correct. Please let us know the pronunciation of the organization’s name and possible abbreviation. You’re welcome to attach a link where we can listen to the pronunciation or send a phone number that we can call to hear how you pronounce the name.

How do I place my order?

It’s simple! Write your script in an email or attach a document. Start with the name of the voice phrase (file name) and then continue by writing out your script. The voice actor will read everything in the script, and you’re responsible for ensuring that the script is correct. Send an email containing the information to

Can I order three or seven voice phrases?

Yes, you can. If you order three voice phrases you pay for five, and if you order seven voice phrases you pay for ten.


MiniVoice makes, and should simply make, the working day easier and more efficient. Want to know more?

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