Voice & telematic calls to the contingency team

Emergency hotline

A leading player in renewable energy based on wood fuels, located in Sweden and Norway, has switched from a physical mobile phone to a cloud-based MiniVoice standby team.

The production and distribution of heat, steam, and electricity to homes, businesses, public organizations, and industries – requires 24/7 readiness of technical staff with high availability.

Partners can get in touch with the response team staff around the clock. One of the requirements for the introduction of MiniVoice was that external consultants outside the company’s switchboard/mobile contract should be able to join the response group with their regular mobile phones. Previously, an individual mobile phone was used, which was connected to the person who was currently on standby. This posed reliability problems, as the mobile phone had to be physically present when switching.

With MiniVoice, calls are automatically connected to the logged-in employee. If the employee who is currently on standby does not answer, the call is handled after a predetermined time in the call queue. In this case, unanswered calls are transferred to a 24-hour manned alarm center. The call center has procedures in place to contact a supervisor if necessary. Since the introduction of the MiniVoice service, calls have been answered without delay.


The MiniVoice package solution is a standard delivery with optional features. The team leader and designated employees are administrators of the MiniVoice service. Work schedules, call logs, and the ability to add or remove accounts for employees are some of the features of the administration portal.

Employees have downloaded MiniVoice from App Store or Google Play. With a username and password, the app is quickly up and running. The employee proceeds to simply log in and out of the group.

The established emergency/contingency number, which was previously connected to a physical mobile phone, has changed its subscription form in this solution. The emergency number is now moved to become a number subscription in the telecom network – completely virtualized to the MiniVoice service. Since the emergency number is now outside the regular communication platform of the customer, the customer is protected from any disruptions in their own communication network.

Administrators manage employees’ accounts in the MiniVoice service. They can be registered in the service regardless of their mobile phone subscription. The administrator can log in/out employees if necessary.


MiniVoice makes, and should simply make, the working day easier and more efficient. Want to know more?

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