Questions from the media – contact the press office!


A Nordic community builder with a long history in the market works locally where the customers are – in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. A well-functioning and streamlined press service has been established to handle ongoing questions from the media.

The press office is divided geographically and there is a need to be able to relieve each other in periods. A robust and simple solution was the requirement when switching to MiniVoice: “We wanted to be able to see if calls come from the press office. The most important thing for us is that ‘calls waiting’ in the mobile network, work with the service. We hear a signal when we’re busy with another call”, says the press officer responsible for the procurement of the MiniVoice service.

The entry number for the group is a well-established Swedish number. In the requirements for a new solution, it was important that the number could still be used, without the need for a physical telephone or the number being tied to a customer switchboard.


All employees in the teams are administrators in the MiniVoice solution, to fully utilize the flexibility of the service. Everyone in the group can log in and out if there are rapid changes during the workday.

To quickly get the group’s attention, text messages can be sent by any administrator via MiniVoice. E.g. they can order more people to log in to the group so that more calls can be answered at the same time.

Employees have the MiniVoice app downloaded from App Store or Google Play. Employees have also bookmarked MiniVoice in their browsers for quick access to the admin portal. Two-factor authentication can be enabled for each account to increase the level of security when logging into the portal.

The group has chosen to share a common address book (the customer’s third-party provider) with each other. Each mobile phone has access to the address book and incoming calls are matched against the address book. In this way, the group has centralized administration of shared press contacts.

If the group is left unmanned, selected employees are notified via text message and email. In the meantime, the calls remain in a queue – until someone logs in and can take the call.

The entry number for the press hotline has been moved out of the customer’s switchboard solution and connected as a virtual number permanently to MiniVoice.

Via reports in the service, administrators can easily retrieve data linked to specific calls, which may be needed for incident reporting.


MiniVoice makes, and should simply make, the working day easier and more efficient. Want to know more?

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