Why do calls from the group go to my voicemail when I’m on another call?

It is possible to use the “waiting call” service, meaning that you will hear a signal on your mobile phone when another call is waiting to reach you. The optional service “Redirection when busy” should not be active on your phone.

Remove the “redirection when busy” feature:

Go to your mobile phone’s phone/call/forwarding settings and make your change.

It is also possible to send codes from your mobile phone, follow these steps to remove call forwarding on pick-up:

Telia: Press #, #, 6, 7, #, dialling button.

Tele2/Comviq: Press the phone, #, 6, 7, #, dialling button.

Telenor: Enter the Telenor app and switch off call forwarding when busy.

TRE: Contact TRE customer service for help with settings.

Fello: Contact Fello customer service for help with settings.

Vimla: No support for removing call forwarding.

The code #, 67, #, dialling button is a commonly used basic function by operators. In order to reactivate the call forwarding function on pick-up, please contact the respective provider to use the option that suits you.

Other operators: Contact your provider for instructions on how to disable/enable call forwarding on pick-up.