2 April 2024


Following the Government’s decision in October that more authorities should implement the function of an Officer on Standby, a registration authority has now chosen MiniVoice as its partner. As part of this, MiniVoice will be the provider of their 24-hour emergency telephone service.

The authority in question faces requirements from the Governments recent decision to implement an Officer on Standby, and the choice of MiniVoice is in line with an overall strive to increase the number of authorities with the function. Read more about the Government’s decision on the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s (MSB) website.


Why was MiniVoice chosen?


– We have used MiniVoice for technical support and operations teams since 2020, with very good experience. So, when we were asked which solution we could recommend for the new Officer on Standby unit, it was an easy decision for us, says the registration authority’s technical project manager.

By using MiniVoice as their mobile communication solution, Officers on Standby can use their own mobile phones to handle incoming calls. One critical feature utilized by MiniVoice is mobile network call waiting, which allows users to be notified of waiting calls during ongoing conversations without needing to open an app.

Another key aspect when choosing MiniVoice is the ability to distinguish emergency calls from other direct calls. MiniVoice offers a feature that displays the number and a clear ID to prioritize emergency calls. In addition, important contacts can easily be added to the MiniVoice app for quick and efficient communication in crisis situations.


High operational reliability and user-friendliness


MiniVoice makes, and should simply make, the working day easier and more efficient. With the characteristics presented below, MiniVoice is a suitable choice as a provider for on-duty teams.

High operational reliability: The service guarantees stability and availability through reliable technical solutions and a robust infrastructure. This is particularly important to meet the requirement for reliable communication, even in critical or emergency situations.

User-friendly: MiniVoice strives for simplicity through a user-friendly app with a clear design. This makes it easier for users to take advantage of the service’s various features. The administrator interface is now available in English!

Prioritization of calls: MiniVoice makes it easy for the user to distinguish emergency calls from other calls, which is crucial for quick and accurate responses in different situations.
The clear and effective presentation of calls on the mobile phone ensures that users can act quickly and efficiently.

Management of shared contacts: MiniVoice acts as a central platform to manage and administer important shared numbers, creating an organized platform for effective response during crisis situations. This feature enables quick and easy access to key contacts directly from the MiniVoice app to make calls.

Through these features, MiniVoice strengthens its position as a trusted provider for the Officer on Standby function, and the registration authority positions itself to handle unexpected events and emergencies efficiently and safely.

Recently, one of Sweden’s regions also chose to use MiniVoice as its solution for voice calls and text messages for the Officer on Standby function. The region went from having a solution with a forwarded mobile phone to a stand-alone redundant mobile answering group for voice calls and text messages. You can read more about the region’s decision here.


What is an Officer on Standby?


An Officer on Standby is an individual who is selected and prepared to respond immediately to unexpected events or emergencies within an organization or business. This person is usually available outside regular working hours – and monitors and manages critical situations that may arise when the organization or company isn’t fully staffed.

For organizations, the presence of Officers on Standby is critical as it enables continuous monitoring and rapid response to unforeseen events. It helps to ensure that decisions can be made and that actions can be taken without delay.

In MiniVoice, administrators can create dynamic work schedules, with automatic activation of team members during scheduled times without manual login. Employees can still manually log in and out, giving them exactly the flexibility they need.

Read more about how an emergency response team can use MiniVoice here.

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